Health & Safety

Total Group is committed to providing a healthy, safe and secure work environment for all of our employees, contractors and clients, with the aim of establishing and reinforcing a culture that accepts zero harm as the norm.

A copy of our Health and Safety Policy is available Here

A copy of our Health & Safety Policy is available here
Download our Health & Safety Policy

Our company-wide Safety Management System aims to achieve our target of zero harm through the following practices:

  • Complying with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations.
  • Implementing and maintaining risk management systems to identify and mitigate all workplace hazards and risks.
  • Insisting that safe work methods, including a proactive risk management approach, be practised at all times.
  • Ensuring that proper materials, including personal protective equipment is provided and used correctly.
  • Providing comprehensive health and safety training to all employees before they commence work.
  • Ensuring our employees and contractors understand and accept their part in maintaining a safe environment.
  • Proactively consulting and engaging with our workers and ensuring transparency on health and safety matters
  • Accurately reporting and recording all near misses, incidents and accidents.
  • Maintaining third-party health and safety accreditations with IMPAC’s Prequal programme and Sitewise.

A copy of our Health and Safety Policy is available here.

Download our Health & Safety Policy
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