Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to the environment and sustainability, focusing on addressing the environmental impact of our products and services, and supporting our clients to meet their own sustainability goals.

Our company wide Environmental and Sustainability Policy ensures the effectiveness and success of our sustainability initiatives. This framework helps us manage the way our business directly and indirectly impacts the environment. It also assists in identifying environmental risks and opportunities in our procurement practices to ensure the products and systems we use to clean your office have the lowest environmental impact.

Our cleaning programmes in corporate a vast array of sustainability solutions, including day cleaning, sort-at-source waste management protocols, energy monitoring and water conservation techniques, as well as the use of state of the art environmentally friendly chemicals.  

A copy of our Environmental and Sustainability Policy is available here
Download our Sustainability PolicyDownload our Environmental Policy

We achieve our sustainability goals by:

  • Setting and reviewing sustainability goals and targets which are based on the environmental impacts of our company’s activities, products, and services
  • Using only 100% biodegradable, certified environmentally friendly cleaning products that are effective at low dosage and packaged in concentrate form to minimise transportation and disposal costs.
  • Continually working to reduce consumption of energy, water and materials through use of best-in-class products and practices.
  • Being part of the Sustainable Business Network so that we can keep up to date with best practice initiatives.
  • Promoting individual ownership and commitment to environmental stewardship among our workers by providing environmental awareness training.
  • Exploring opportunities for innovations and technology development which support sustainable business practices.
Total Group Environmental Sustainability

A copy of our Environmental and Sustainability Policy is available here

Download our Sustainability Policy